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KES Activity Morning
Saturday 10 November 2018
8.45am - 1.00pm

Open to all local Year 6 pupils. The event is free of charge.

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Monday 5 November 2018 at 12.00 noon


We are delighted to invite all pupils starting Year 6 in September 2018 to the King Edward's School Activity Morning on Saturday 10 November for an action-packed, fun-filled morning of activities, so they can experience what life is like here at the School. 

There is a wide variety of activities available to take part in. Perhaps you would like to analyse 'Every Breath You Take' in Chemistry, or get involved in some 'Mask Mayhem' in Drama, or even learn how to crack secret codes so that you can save the world! Alternatively, you may enjoy exploring microscopic life forms, or using the latest technology to compose your own music, not to mention experiencing the tastes of German cuisine. There are so many options to choose from!

During the morning you can also meet and make new friends with other children from your year group, as well as sampling the wonderful facilities at King Edward's School. A hot snack and drink will be provided during the morning. 

Notes to parents / guardians:  Each Year 6 child should come in comfortable clothes on the day (not school uniform) and wear suitable footwear. If a physical activity (eg Determination Station) is selected, children will need to wear trainers for the sports hall.

We look forward to meeting you!

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What do Guatemala, Hawaii, Iceland and Indonesia have in common? Why does the west coast of the USA have serious earthquakes and yet the east coast does not?  In this session we will explore the exciting world of tectonic hazards and unravel why the earth’s surface is not as steady as we might think!   


Does God Exist?  What do we mean by the term “God”? Can religion or philosophy provide any convincing arguments that proves God’s existence? Can we draw any conclusions from the evidence of design in the universe? Is there an ultimate cause of everything in the universe? Would a perfect being have all perfections? Is the ability to ‘never not exist’ one of God’s qualities?

Can philosophy and logic help us to find answers to these ultimate questions? Come along and join the debate.


Ever wanted to become someone different and take on a whole new personality? This fun interactive, physical workshop will give you the chance to do just that!

Mask work has always been part of theatre and in our workshop we will explore the different types of masks and learn how to use them in performance. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain a new skill in Drama and will be creative and silly for all involved.

There will be a range of games and workshops to help you discover how to use a mask effectively and the chance to create a piece of improvised and imaginative theatre as a group.

It will be a fun, active and lively session so please bring lots of energy, enthusiasm, imagination and comfortable clothes.


Your country needs you!
It’s a race against time to try to crack the secret messages intercepted by our surveillance stations. Break the codes to foil the plot and save the world!

In this activity you will use computers to emulate the work of the great code-breakers of the past. Up against a time limit you will need to use intelligence, intuition and a little bit of luck to crack a number of increasingly difficult ciphers in order to unlock their secrets.


A chance to Learn how to draw shapes in various colours using simple programming commands. In this session, you will follow guided examples to learn how to draw various shapes and create patterns. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like! You will instruct the computer to create geometrical shapes and learn a bit about how to write and debug code – an essential skill of the future. 


Come and join the PE department for the chance to test your skills and determination to the limit, with a number of physical tests. There will be lots of fun and prizes to be won!

As long as you have determination – you will succeed and have fun, whatever your ability!


Ever lost your key? Don’t know who it belongs to? Want to ensure that everyone knows it’s yours? Why not create a personal key fob to attach to your keys, problem solved!

Using the Acrylic blank supplied and the tools and equipment in the Design Technology department, cut, shape and polish a key fob in the form of one of your initials.

This activity is in one of the school workshops, so sensible clothing and suitable footwear is required (no exposed toes!)


Have you ever wondered what each breath you take might have in it? Just what exactly is it that makes its way into your body?

In this session, you will produce, and test for, a number of different gases. Some essential to life, some gases that you can see and others that you cannot, some that are explosive and others that are deadly!

You will also have an opportunity to investigate how a number of these gases are involved in some spectacular chemical reactions.


Bienvenue en France!
Can you order food in a French restaurant or café? Can you tell someone in French what you like and don’t like? In this session you will learn the words for different foods. We will also play a variety of games and activities to practise the words and phrases you come across. And you will find out how to order food and how to talk about your likes and dislikes.


In this session you will see several spectacular demonstrations involving atmospheric pressure, culminating in the awesome vacuum bazooka!

Also, is it really possible to get an egg in (and out!) of a flask and what do balloons and marshmallows have in common?

Reflection of light is the other topic covered and you will get hands on experience! Can you steer a car around a track whilst looking in a mirror?


German Christmas Food Tasting Extravaganza!
Did you know Haribo is German? Do you know what Salzstangen are? What about Lebkuchen? And why does Cambozola taste so good?

Come and find out about German food; ten new tastes to experience, including chocolate and Christmas specialities.  Learn the German to express what you think about them, and take a sheet of useful phrases home with you.


From alpha to omega... learn the letters of the Greek alphabet and learn how to write your name in Greek.  Use your new knowledge to decipher hidden sentences.


Start by learning all about Roman numerals and how to count in Latin. You will then go on to see how well you can recognise these numbers in a few rounds of Bingo. Substantial prizes for the winners!


In this practical session you will be using microscopes and other laboratory apparatus to explore the world of some very tiny animals and plants from the school’s conservation area. As well as identifying organisms using a name trail, you will be finding a little about how the animals and plants live – what they eat, how they reproduce and more besides!


Making Marvellous Music – Practical Performance Skills and Composing with Music Technology.

Come and join us for an action-packed session that will build you confidence in performance skills as well as introducing you to the exciting world of Music Technology. With fun vocal warm ups and playing a variety of exciting percussion instruments in an ensemble, your practical skills will be honed ready for part two!

We then move on to using the latest Music Software on our MAC computers to develop your compositional skills, shaping you very own musical ideas into larger, exciting structures. This session is a must for budding musicians who want to develop their own musical style!


Could you be as successful as Empress Matilda or William the Conqueror?

Work with others, make new friends and develop your understanding of life in medieval England. Think strategically, discuss your ideas and develop towns, castles and make money to become the best King or Queen!

You will soon see who would be the best medieval monarch and who would have had their heads chopped off!


You will have the opportunity to explore the theme of Aboriginal Art and the meanings and stories from their fascinating culture.

You will work with polystyrene to create a series of printed outcomes based on the theme.


450,000,000 Spanish speakers worldwide plus you! Join us for an introduction to the Spanish language and culture through different activities. We will play a variety of games such as Twister and Bingo where you will learn some colours, body parts and numbers in Spanish. But don’t worry if it is the first time you hear Spanish, we will introduce the vocabulary for you first!


Welcome to Hogwarts! We’ve got a problem here that only you can solve! Snape has been whispering about a secret stone causing all sorts of mayhem at the school. Using your best skills (and even a few spells), can you find the mysterious stone and save Ron, Hermione and Harry from danger? 

Join us in the library for a morning of puzzles, wizardry, mystery and maybe your first O.W.L.


Keen readers and budding writers: dare to delve into a mysterious, abandoned landscape where we will stretch the boundaries of our imaginations as we attempt to uncover the meaning of the strange relics left behind by ancient inhabitants. There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss our ideas and everybody will get the chance to conceive their own unique and intriguing story setting inspired by what we discover.