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Art & Photography

Within the Art and Photography department it is our clearly defined aim and ethos to create an inspirational, exciting and stimulating centre of excellence, where pupils are encouraged and nurtured to realise their artistic ambitions.

Art and Photography provide a vital form of communication, helping pupils to express personal ideas and feelings using a subject based language and vocabulary.  We aim to encourage those practical and imaginative skills that result in a heightened sense of enjoyment, aesthetic appreciation and self-confidence.  Here, visual and sensory experiences combine to provide a unique way of understanding and responding to the contemporary world.

Art develops spiritual values and contributes a wider understanding to the experience of life, which helps build a balanced personality.'

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Our department ethos is based on the foundations of three distinct, yet interrelated areas:

  • The exploration of a wide and varied range of techniques and processes, where pupils can experiment with different art media.  Areas explored include: drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and mixed media, sculpture, photography and digital manipulation.

  • The development of creative and exciting concepts and ideas.  We encourage pupils to take ownership of their learning, and individual tasks and projects.  They are pushed to challenge convention, solve problems, and think imaginatively.  We applaud individuality and look to nurture a pupil’s distinct and unique approach.  Frequently used prompts would include: ‘”What if you...’ or ‘How could you...’.

  • The research and investigation into the works and lives of appropriate artists, designers, photographers and architects.  Detailed analysis is produced using subject vocabulary both visual and written.  Group debates and individual tuition take place.  Pupils are pushed to decipher and put in context diverse cultures, ancient, modern and contemporary.  Regular visits to museums and galleries feed this aspect of our courses.

 Adopting this working ethos allows the department to encourage the production of varied, refined, innovative and exciting art.

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    Excellent creativity is demonstrated in art and design work.'

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