King Edward's School BATH


Here at King Edward’s School we have a thriving Biology department. The focus of the subject is the science behind everyday life as it affects us as humans, as well as working to understand how biology affects our environment. Biology is followed by a wide range of pupils, ranging from those taking the subject to give their studies more breadth to those who wish to continue their studies of the subject to higher level.

Among the sciences, Biology has more descriptive content than Chemistry or Physics, which makes it accessible to pupils of all backgrounds. Pupils undertake a wide range of practical work in the subject, right from the start of their careers at King Edward’s School, backed up by technical support and a growing breadth of resources. The department makes good use of local opportunities to enrich the subject, making use of the school site for fieldwork, visits to Bristol Zoo and @Bristol, and a residential field course in Pembrokeshire, to widen our pupils’ experience of the subject. We have good links with the University of Bath, with speakers coming into school for Biology Week to give pupils a flavour of biology at higher levels.

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