King Edward's School BATH

Bursary fundraising

A letter from OE Chairman, Sam Lascelles (1993-2000)

Dear OEs,
As I am sure most of you are already aware, there is a real sense of community amongst OEs, built on deep friendships which have developed over the years. As an Association our aim is to make it easy for OEs to maintain those connections through our busy programme of social events, annual magazine, OE website and e-newsletters.

One of the further ways in which we can demonstrate our sense of community is by supporting the School's Bursary Fund. Like many of us, I have a great sense of pride and gratitude for the education I received and feel strongly that I would like others to benefit from such an opportunity themselves. I therefore wholeheartedly encourage you to consider donating to the Bursary Fund so that we can help provide the springboard of an education for a child at King Edward's School.

As a charity, the School is committed to continuing its tradition of providing a distinctive learning environment for bright and talented children from all backgrounds. Any surplus from fees is re-invested into the School in order to maintain high quality teaching, offer excellent facilities and to provide bursaries.

The number of bursaries that the School itself provides has increased substantially under Martin Boden's headship and each year the School supports families whose children would not otherwise be able to attend the School without the financial assistance of a bursary.

While I appreciate that not everyone will be able to make this gesture, I encourage you to participate at whatever level you can, in the knowledge that many relatively small gifts can combine to make a real difference for individual children.

Many thanks indeed for your support.

Best wishes
Sam Lascelles

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