King Edward's School BATH

Careers guidance

Careers guidance is important for every child as they progress through their school career. Whilst for the vast majority of our pupils the next step after KES is to move to university or college rather than directly into employment, it is still vital that they are able to receive the guidance they need to make sensible subject choices as they move through each stage of their education.

Many leave school not knowing exactly which career path they will follow, but they do know where their strengths lie and how best to make use of these.

We start giving careers advice in the Middle School, when pupils are making choices about which subjects to study.

Most advice is given through our PSHE programme. In Year 11, we give each pupil psychometric and interests tests, the results of which are given in a detailed report followed by an individual careers interview.  The tests and interviews are carried out by an independent careers guidance agency, allowing pupils to explore their own needs in confidence.

Our guidance in the Sixth Form inevitably and necessarily focuses more on the process of applying to university, but we support pupils in finding work experience to help them inform their choices. We also hold a biennial Careers Convention, when many careers and professions are represented and pupils from Years 10-13 can speak to professionals about their career and the path to it. Other smaller scale but similar events are held, mostly staffed by former pupils and parents whose unique perspective and understanding of pupils at KES is invaluable.

Careers advice in the senior school is considerably enhanced by the contribution of former pupils of the school.'

isi report 2015.