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Charitable activities

A huge variety of fundraising events take place at the School each year, many instigated and run by the pupils themselves. Pupils are also responsible for selecting the main school charity each year, with a short list of charities put together by pupil charity representatives that the whole school then votes on to select.

Last year we raised money for a local charity, Off The Record, which provides a range of free and confidential services for children and young people that support the development of their emotional health and well-being.

One theme of our fundraising for Off The Record was to encourage acts of selflessness. Pupils came up with an initiative called ‘Give up and Give,’ which encouraged people to give up money they would have spent, without hesitation, on minor luxuries on any given day, such as snacks at break time, and donate the money instead to Off The Record.

There were lots of whole school and group activities as well, including the hotly-contested lunchtime five-a-side football tournament, for which students have paid to play, non-uniform days, quizzes, cake sales and discos, many of which were events organised by our senior pupils for younger class groups.

We were just delighted to receive a fantastic £4,037 from KES; we couldn't believe how much the students managed to fundraise! It's so refreshing to see young people working so hard to help support other young people.'  

lynda williams, director, off the record.

The School also encourages and supports pupils’ endeavours to fundraise for ad hoc charities through the year. For instance, girls from Year 7-9 took part in Bath’s Race for Life, raising money for Cancer Research UK.

This year, the pupils have chosen Children’s Hospice South West as the School’s charity. The pupils have already raised over £7000 for the charity. CHSW  receive very little government funding, but continue to provide top quality care for children with illnesses which mean that they are unlikely to survive into adulthood. They also provide vital support for the parents, siblings and grandparents of these children, offering them respite, bereavement counselling and, perhaps most importantly, the opportunity to enjoy the time they have together and build life-long happy memories. 

This year saw the inception of the KES Charity Committee, a pupil body of volunteers hoping to promote awareness of charitable matters in general and for the day to day running of the charity program at KES.  The committee have organised many events this academic year, including KESAid, a charity week full of fundraising events and activities as well as assemblies promoting the importance of charity and philanthropy. 

Other activities have included a trip to Charlton Farm, the CHSW hospice near Bristol, Mr Laney’s record breaking feats at The Spine Race (a 268 mile non-stop foot race spanning the full length of the Pennine Way) and KESAid 2015.

Wagwer School in Kenya

Over the past few years, King Edward’s has built up a close partnership with Wagwer School in Western Kenya.  The school is in rural Kenya, where the vast majority of people live in extreme poverty (defined by the World Bank as living on less than 60p a day).  Working together with a British charity called Moving Mountains and its sister institution, a travel company called Adventure Alternative, KES has run three very successful trips to Wagwer.  In addition to this, the UK Department of International Development has officially recognised the partnership between King Edward’s School and Wagwer School and provided a grant for staff and student reciprocal visits in 2010.

In 2015 KES will be making an eagerly expected return to Wagwer, where pupils will help with vital building works that have been put on hold while the school awaits funding. KES pupils and staff will also interact in team teaching and learning activities at the Senior and Primary schools, making this a wholly rewarding trip for all. The KES community will be engaged in fundraising this year, with a goal of providing £10,000 to Moving Mountains.

The Global Schools Partnership is a wonderful opportunity to raise young people's awareness of global development issues and equip them with the skills and knowledge to become active global citizens.'

Winnifred thomson, chair of governors.