King Edward's School BATH


The Chemistry department aims to provide pupils with an enjoyable, purposeful and safe experience of chemistry and to allow them to appreciate how chemistry impacts on them as individuals and the world around them. It is taught as a separate subject from Year 7 and we hope this allows each pupil to get a sense of the individual subject, rather than science in general. This also affords us the ability of having chemistry taught by subject specialists throughout the School.

The department seeks to provide the teaching, facilities and courses which support the best environment for learning, one in which pupils feel comfortable to challenge themselves intellectually and supported and safe when they are prepared to take risks in their learning.

Along with the other sciences, Chemistry is a renowned strength of the School, and popular amongst girls and boys. Many are inspired by the focus on practical work and gain confidence by perfecting their skills and gain a real enjoyment from experimentation. We encourage our pupils to study in areas of the subject beyond the specification, and this breadth of knowledge enables them to participate successfully in a number of competitions, including The Royal Society of Chemistry’s Olympiad, Young Analyst and Top of the Bench competitions and the Salters’ Festival.

Chemistry is housed in four specialist laboratories and these are resourced and supported by two experienced technicians who work from a well-run prep room.

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