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Driven by the staff's infectious enthusiasm for their subject and our excellent facilities, Economics at KES is both challenging and contemporary. We are passionate about the study of Economics and Economic systems, both past and present. Our focus in the department is in the application of micro and macroeconomics to domestic and international markets. This interest all extends to the political aspects of economic policy making.

Economics is a fascinating subject which looks at the fundamental forces which affect our lives. It includes the study of how people behave and interact with each other and helps pupils to understand why and how the world functions as it does. It provides a new perspective on some of the most pressing and challenging problems facing society.

Economics is about more than wealth creation or peaks and troughs in financial markets and their effect on business performance. Economics impacts on many aspects of our lives – interest rate fluctuations, levels of taxation, unemployment, international trade and poverty to name but a few. In a world where there is increasing debate about the use of scarce resources, a knowledge of economics can equip pupils with the skills to question what is the best way to allocate these resources more effectively.

We aim to make sure that pupils from all key stages are involved in trips, talks and lectures, either in or out of school, as well as utilising ICT to enhance their work.  

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    Business Studies

    There are so many business stories in the news, and we really want to make sure that our pupils understand what is going on, why things happen and the significance of events. The department is a dynamic, fast paced environment, with the teaching consisting of a blend of real life case studies, theory and lively debate. Pupils are encouraged to tackle the contemporary issues that face modern businesses and ultimately gain a strong grasp of the workings of the commercial world. 

    The department benefits from dedicated classrooms for pupils who enjoy excellent access to laptop and tablet technology. We aim to teach in a fashion that brings topical business news and related programmes to life. Textbook and library facilities are extensive and computer software in support of the various business courses is readily available.


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