King Edward's School BATH

Entry process

Pupils wishing to join King Edward’s Senior School will be required to sit an entrance examination, or in the case of the Sixth Form attend a series of interviews. Most join the School at the start of Year 7 or 12, however, space allowing, we also accept pupils in Years 8, 9 and 10.

Pupils taking our entrance examination will sit papers testing Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and English. Specimen Mathematics papers are sent to all applicants prior to assessment day, and ahead of that our admissions team is happy to advise on the general content of all papers, so that you can help your son or daughter prepare for the examination.


Upon receipt of a registration form we invite prospective parents to meet our Headmaster, Mr Martin Boden, at the beginning of January (King Edward’s Junior School Year 6 parents will be invited to meet the Headmaster on an earlier date). Your son or daughter will also be invited to interview with a senior member of the teaching staff - often the Head of Year 7 - at the same time. Prior to interview references are sought from your son or daughter’s current school. The entrance exam takes place in January each year.

For entry into Year 7 the examination includes:

Verbal Reasoning

  • A 50 minute standardised test, which takes into account your child’s age on the day of examination.


  • A 50 minute test comprising multiple choice and written answers with content akin to levels 4 and 5 of the National Curriculum. No calculators are permitted in the test.


A 1 hour test of comprehension and written skills in three sections:

  • Fiction comprehension

  • Non-fiction comprehension

  • Creative writing

Spelling and Sentence Completion

  • As part of the English assessment, applicants are also given a standardised spelling test and a sentence completion test, lasting 10 minutes each (30 minutes in total).

To help prepare those children who have registered to sit the Year 7 entrance examination in January, we hold a special 'teach-in' session in December each year. Potential applicants are invited to spend a Saturday morning at the School and learn more about the different elements of the examination. They are also given sample questions to practise.

Following the entrance examination in January, offer letters go out to successful candidates in February, usually within two weeks of sitting the tests. We ask that parents accept a place by early March.


We welcome entry into Years 8, 9 or 10, although this is dependent on space being available. The majority of pupils looking to enter one of these years will sit the main entrance examination in January, however, should places still be available after this date, we are happy to arrange individual assessments at different times. In addition to sitting the examination, applicants will also be called for two interviews; one will be in a modern foreign language, and the other is a general interview, usually with the relevant Head of Sector or Head of Year. 

For entry into Year 8, 9, or 10, the examination includes:

Verbal Reasoning

  • A 50 minute standardised test, which takes into account your child’s age on the day of examination


  • A one hour test, which assesses number skills, fractions and algebraic manipulation. Calculators are not permitted.


Candidates are asked to undertake two tasks: a piece of directed writing and an essay, each lasting 45 minutes.

  • For directed writing, pupils will read a short passage and then write a letter arguing for or against the particular view expressed. The letter should fill at least one side of A4 paper.

  • For the essay, candidates are asked to choose to write on one of six titles on offer. The essays will be judged on content, style and correct use of spelling and punctuation, and should be at least one and a quarter sides of A4 paper.


Places for entry into Year 12 are offered on the basis of a satisfactory report from your son or daughter’s present school and a series of short interviews with the Headmaster or one of the Deputy Heads, Head of Sixth Form or Senior School Form Tutors. In addition, there will be two subject interviews taken from the candidate’s options.

Pupils looking to join the Sixth Form must reach a minimum target for entry, consisting of:

  • GCSE grade 4 or IGCSE grade 4 or C or above in English Language and Mathematics (grades 6 or B or above are preferable)

  • A minimum points score of 54 (taken from the 9 best subjects including English Language and Mathematics) with points taken at face value for numerical grades or for alphabetical grades as follows: 8 points for an A*, 7 for an A, 6 for a B, and 5 for a C.  Short courses and grades below 4 or C are not counted for the purposes of entry scores

  • It is recommended that pupils also gain GCSE grade 7 or IGCSE grade 7 or A or above in the subjects chosen for A Level or in allied subjects for A Levels that were not studied at GCSE (eg Physics for Electronics.)

A system to reflect the new numerical grades at GCSE will also be in place.

The main interview day is 17 November and the closing date for registrations to be considered for this day is 2 November. Offer letters to successful candidates are typically sent in December.

King Edward’s pupils are not required to complete a sixth form registration form or attend for interview, but must still meet the same examination entry requirements.

A further and smaller allocation of Year 12 places may be offered on a similar basis at a later date if places are still available.