King Edward's School BATH

Fees & charges

Current Fees (From september 2019)

Pre-Prep Cost
Nursery – morning session £28 per session
Nursery – lunch £4.95 per session
Nursery – afternoon £25 per session
Nursery – all day £49 per day
Nursery (full time including lunch) £2,905 per term
Reception (including lunch) £3,520 per term
Year 1 (including lunch) £3,520 per term
Year 2 (including lunch) £3,520 per term
Junior School Cost per term
Years 3 to 6 £3,900
Senior School Cost per term
Years 7 to 11 £4,935 per term
Years 12 and 13

£5,020 per term


Additional charges

Instrumental Music Tuition Fees (30 minute lessons)

Termly Charge (11 lessons per term) £255 per term
New to an instrument introductory taster
(6 lessons, reduced charge)

Instrumental hire charge per term is £63

School lunches (for Junior and Senior School)

Autumn Term £265
Spring Term £235
Summer Term £200


Learning Support

1 hour lessons £42
Junior School Assessment £295
Senior School Assessment £295


Before and After School Care

8am-8.40am £2 per session
3.30pm-5.45pm, with charging from 3.45pm £2 per half hour
Junior School
4.30pm-6.00pm £2 per half hour session



All pupils are covered by the Students’ Personal Accident Insurance Scheme, which is provided free of charge by the School.

The School Fees Absence Scheme, which covers for absence when pupils are sick, is charged at 0.73% of fees. Parents may reclaim school fees proportionately if their child is absent for four or more consecutive days. An ‘opt in’ policy applies to this scheme and parents should contact The Accounts Department to apply to join this scheme. Claim forms are obtainable from the Operations Department. The Governors have implemented this policy to safeguard the fees paid by parents under such circumstances, and confirm that a refund of fees will not be approved other than through the Protection Scheme.

Payment by Direct Debit

The system for payment of school fees is by termly Direct Debit and parents who have not signed a mandate to pay fees by Direct Debit are requested to do so. Further information is available on request from the Accounts Department (01225) 820320. 

Parents are respectfully reminded that fees are payable by the first day of term.