King Edward's School BATH

Getting involved

There are many ways you can maintain or renew your connection with KES…

  • Join the OE committee – new members are always welcome!
    Current members of the committee are listed below.

  • Attend one of our events – see our events calendar

  • Contribute news or an article for the next OElink magazine

  • Contribute news that we can publish on this website

  • Help current pupils with careers advice

  • Join the Old Edwardians', Bath group on LinkedIn

  • Donate to the KES Bursary Fund


How you can help:
Please get in contact with your friends from KES and encourage them to send their current contact details. Let us know if you are in touch with any OEs who haven’t received the OElink magazine or event invitations recently, but would like to renew their connection.

Contact us 

OE committee:

  • President: Prof Francis Ring 1947-1952
  • Chairman: Sam Lascelles 1993-2000
  • Treasurer: Geoff Staley, former staff
  • Secretary: Claire Davies, current staff
  • Staff Liaison: Mike Pell, current staff
  • Headmaster, Development Director, Head Boy, Head Girl

Main members:

  • Tom Boyce 1987-1997
  • Will Driver 1991-1998
  • Paul Higgs 1990-2000
  • Geoff Hughes 1942-1949
  • Tom Isherwood 1993-2002
  • David Perry 1994-2003
  • Rachel Phelps-Allen 1986-1989
  • Andy Ridyard 1979-1986
  • Alice White 1996-1998

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