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Junior School Scientists take part in National Science Competition

Junior School Scientists take part in National Science Competition

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23 November 2018

A huge congratulations to our Year 5 and 6 Science Quiz team who represented King Edward’s Junior School for the National Science Championship area heat at Millfield Preparatory School on Thursday 22nd November. They have worked incredibly hard since September learning a variety of science topics such as human biology, astronomy, great inventors and inventions, physics, zoology, ecology, earth science, oceanography, geology, meteorology, botany and chemistry. I am impressed with our team’s resilience and drive as they had to push their scientific knowledge beyond the National Curriculum, researching different topics at home. On the day, our team worked together to decide on an answer from multiple choice science questions from a wide range of difficulty levels and either decide on one answer or choose tactically using their handsets. Some of the questions included:

  • “What were the first 10 elements in the periodic table?”
  • “What is the largest moon in the Solar System?”
  • “What type of animal belonged to the Cetaceans group?”

Overall, our team performed superbly with some challenging questions and excellent competition from the other teams. Their cooperation and hard work paid off on the day and I am proud that our Science Quiz team were awarded 3rd in the area heat. 

Mr Carter, Junior School Science Co-ordinator

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