King Edward's School BATH

Junior School uniform

Girls Boys


Navy/black shoes with laces or a bar strap                                

(No open toes or sling-backs)    


Swimming costume

Swimming hat

Games skort for all years


Autumn Term:

Pinafore dress for Years 3 & 4

Kilt for Years 5 & 6

¾ Sleeve Blouse

Navy tights or socks

School jumper or cardigan


Summer term:

Summer dress for Years 3 & 4      

Short white ankle socks



Summer dress optional for Years 5 & 6                                           


White shirt

School tie

School jumper

Medium grey shorts for Years 3 & 4

Medium grey trousers for Years 5 & 6

Medium grey socks

Black shoes

Swimming trunks

Summer term:

Short-sleeved shirt



Grey trousers optional in the autumn/spring term and at other times at the discretion of the Head



From John Moore Sports
Year 3-6 Boys and Girls
Games kit
Year 3-6 Boys and Girls
PE kit

Games shirt

Navy tracksuit bottoms

Waterproof top

Navy hoodie

Navy shorts/skorts

Maroon/White socks

Navy baseball cap

Gum shield

Shin pads

Rugby boots (for boys)

Blue shorts/skorts

PE shirt

Short white socks


Other Kit


School back-pack

White or black trainers with non-marking soles

Art shirt

Plain navy coat or anorak