King Edward's School BATH


Children study a broad curriculum structured within a 50 period fortnightly timetable. Lessons last an hour, giving sufficient time to extend thinking and evaluation in every subject. All pupils cover the same syllabus, but there is differentiation to ensure that the needs and abilities of the individual are catered for. In Years 4, 5 and 6 children are placed in sets for Maths, and this also applies in Years 5 and 6 for English.

Year 3 and 4 pupils are mainly taught by class teachers, supported by specialist teaching for PE, Games, Music and ICT. Years 5 and 6 have specialist teachers for all subjects except Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) which is taught by form teachers. Senior School teaching staff provide additional resource for subjects including Art, French, Games, Spanish and German.

The subjects taught are English, Maths, Science, Art, Design Technology, French, Geography, History, ICT, Music, PE, PSHEE and Religious Studies. From Year 5 children also study German and Spanish for one term each year. Where possible, teachers seek to link children’s experiences in one subject with their learning in others through cross-curricular topics.

Teaching is underpinned by continuous assessment, a process in which the children are fully involved as they work with their peers and teachers to evaluate their own progress and to set meaningful targets for themselves.

We have high expectations of the children in all aspects of school life, but with the needs and capabilities of the individual always in mind. We recognize that we all learn in different ways and that children benefit from a variety of approaches with regard to teaching style, classroom organisation, activity and interaction. We encourage a growth mindset in everyone so that all can learn and master new skills with practice.

We are also aware that, for children to become well-rounded, happy, caring and active participants in society in later life, they must be able to think, communicate, co-operate, take responsibility and make decisions. We organise our lessons in such a way that the children can develop these key skills.

'Through the high quality of their art, music and drama pupils show an ability to express themselves eloquently from an early age.'

ISI Report 2015