King Edward's School BATH

Award schemes

Tudor Rose Badges

Tudor Rose badges are awarded during the course of Year 6 to any pupil whose behaviour, consideration of others and all-round example is consistently deserving of recognition.

To earn this badge they must demonstrate that they are trustworthy, understanding, determined, organised and responsible. Children may apply for their badge at any time during Year 6 by writing a formal letter of application to Mrs Hardware, Pastoral Deputy Head, outlining their qualities. This is then discussed with all staff members before a decision is made. Once agreed, the badges are awarded at an assembly. Privileges given for such badges include being tour guides, buddies for younger children, organising ‘Fun Fridays’ and supporting the day to day running of the school.

The personal award

The Award was established to create a dynamic and interesting learning experience in the Spring and Summer Terms for all Year 6 children. It is integrated with the curriculum to inspire the children to produce their very best work in a range of areas.

It is also an opportunity to celebrate their achievements outside the academic studies in school. The four strands involved are: academic, physical, citizenship and art. In working towards the award, the children experience many different activities, including designing and publishing their own storybooks, reading them to local primary schools, environmental projects, life skills, camping, creative week and the infamous Dragons’ Den experience, which involves budgeting and (hopefully), making a profit!

The main objective is to recognise individual effort in the different strands of the award, whether that is the effort applied when working on the actual project or the effort put in when working with peers. It creates opportunities and experiences which the children might not normally have, learning new skills and developing determination and perseverance to overcome the challenges that may face them. This in turn, helps to build their confidence and self-esteem, preparing them just that little bit more for their future.

I loved preparing for the Award Scheme because I was proud of all I have achieved since I have been at the Junior School.