King Edward's School BATH


Geography offers children a range of skills and understanding of the World that will be of relevance to them as they grow into adults. It provokes and answers questions about the natural and human world. It can inspire pupils to think about their own place in the world, their values and responsibilities to other people and the environment.

We engage pupils through enquiry-based learning, introducing children to locations distant and near, so that they are curious about, and equipped to deal with, the changes going on around them. As our world changes, so our curriculum develops to respond to it.

Topics studied reflect our changing world, which range from map-based projects in the local area in Year 3 to looking at our international links with Europe through our Year 5 and 6 project about Dinan. Our Year 3 pupils get a chance to research life in Kenya, focusing on our links with Wagwer School. Through practical field visits, Year 4 pupils have the opportunity to measure the effects of rivers on our landscape and to identify the multitude of organisms that rely on them. Issues such as Fair Trade and Global Climate Change are studied in Year 5 and Year 6, giving our pupils a real understanding of the ways in which we are linked to other countries and people. In particular, Year 5 children learn about the problems and advantages of living on an island. Our Year 6 pupils study the Arctic and Antarctic regions and learn more about their complex and ever-changing connections with the rest of the World.

By the end of Year 6, our children are equipped with an excellent knowledge of the geography of Britain, the countries of Europe, our links with other continents and the weather patterns in different climate zones. Key skills such as navigation, interpretation of maps and locating places accurately are built into our topics through meaningful activities. Weekly news assemblies bring children up-to-date with their world and help to foster an interest in current affairs. Through our environmental projects, pupils are helped to understand how their behaviour can directly impact on the planet.