King Edward's School BATH

Learning Support

King Edward’s Junior School welcomes pupils who can access the curriculum but may need extra help due to a specific learning need or have a lack of confidence in a particular aspect of their work. Our approach is to educate these pupils, wherever possible, alongside their peers within the normal curriculum. Where pupils face specific challenges, we encourage them to be ambitious, independent and confident.

Teaching staff at the Junior School understand the need to be responsive to the individual learning needs of their pupils and the Learning Support department is able to help them to do this as effectively as possible.

We identify pupils within our school community who may present with a learning difference. These pupils are identified by staff and are observed and screened by specialist teachers. Parents are informed at every step of the process.

A highly experienced team of 3 specialist teachers offer individual, specifically targeted support lessons. These lessons are taken outside the core curriculum and do not replace subjects which the pupil may enjoy or excel in. There is a charge for this specialist provision. Our experienced Learning Support assistant also supports pupils with learning needs either inside the classroom or in small withdrawal groups.

There is often an emotional component attached to a learning difference and the Learning Support department works very closely with the Pastoral Deputy Head to ensure that the right level of support is always in place.