King Edward's School BATH


In teaching Mathematics, we aim to give our children the skills and tools the subject offers for use in everyday life, future employment and in other areas of the curriculum. We also aim to show children that Mathematics can be enjoyed in its own right as a creative and fascinating subject. We aim to develop pupils' mathematical thinking and overall confidence in the subject so that they can realise their full potential, whatever their natural ability.

We provide a variety of teaching approaches, so that children can learn through practical experience, can experiment and use their own judgements, make decisions in problem solving or investigational work and practise their skills in routine exercises.

The Junior School curriculum broadly follows the 2014 National Curriculum for England but with a number of additional topics. Our curriculum can be divided into 4 broad strands: properties of number and the number system, data handling, calculation, and shape space and measure. In each of these areas, we strive to take the children on a journey from conceptual understanding, through procedural accuracy to confident and precise application.

I really enjoyed the Maths Challenge Day because we had fun working as part of a team completing the Treasure Hunt.