King Edward's School BATH


Performing is at the heart of everything musical at the Junior School. As well as a lively, vibrant and practical curriculum in the classroom, there is a very full and varied programme of musical ensembles and activities during lunch times and after school.

The philosophy of music in the Junior School is an inclusive one, and all children who play an instrument, whether they have lessons inside or outside school, are warmly welcomed and invited to play in the various ensembles as their developing ability allows.

Years 3 and 4 - An introduction to playing orchestral instruments

In Year 3 pupils have a wonderful introduction to music through being taught whole class strings each week.  In these lessons pupils are taught to play violin, cello and double bass by their class teacher and two specialist string teachers.  This has proven to be very successful with several pupils choosing to go on to receive individual tuition as a result.

years 5 and 6 - world music

In Year 5 pupils are introduced to traditional Indonesian Gamelan music which they learn to play by ear and from memory.  They are also taught the ukulele and samba.

In Year 6 pupils are taught to play steel pans in weekly lessons with their class teacher Mrs Hutchings and Mr Roger Fields, a professional steel pan player.  Steel pans are greatly enjoyed by all and the quality of the pupils' playing by the end of the year is excellent.

 By the time pupils leave the Junior School in Year 6, they have been exposed to playing 2 orchestral instruments as well as learning music from other cultures and developing a wide variety of skills.  We are very fortunate to be so well resourced in music and to be able to offer such a breadth of study at this young age.