King Edward's School BATH

School life

At a school as extraordinary as King Edward's, life is full of surprises and opportunities to learn. The priority is that all the children are happy, valued, respected and appreciated for who they are and for what they bring to the community. It is challenging, but rewarding; disciplined, but with freedom for the individual to thrive; high achieving, but holistic; and creative, but with a real focus on each child’s development.

Children are expected to enquire, to be curious, to question and be questioned, to work successfully as individuals and as part of a team, to be inspired and enthused with the opportunities on offer, to develop skills for today which will also prepare them for tomorrow, to develop an awareness of the community and wider world in which they live in, to harness their potential, and to engage in developing the so called ‘soft’ skills which are so important in the ever changing and demanding future workplace.

So life here is so much more than just academic success; it is about educating children to be the adults of tomorrow. To be confident, articulate individuals who know their own strengths and are also aware of their weaknesses; who are prepared to work hard and are ready to face the challenges of the diverse world they will enter.


'Pastoral care is a particular strength of the school.'

ISI report 2015