King Edward's School BATH


Science at King Edward’s Junior School is a practical 'hands on' course, which is taught in a series of modules covering all three sciences: Physics, Biology and Chemistry. We are fortunate to have a dedicated science lab which is used by all year groups and has been stunningly designed so that the children can develop the practical skills that they will need throughout their science education.

The aim is to encourage the pupils to look at the world as a scientist and to ask questions about the world in which they live. They use their senses to observe and measure, use their skills to record findings, and explain trends in their results.

Throughout their study, pupils are encouraged to develop independence, confidence, curiosity, self-motivation, co-operation, communication and critical thinking skills and to treat the world around them with respect.

Ultimately the children should develop a love of science that will continue throughout their lives. After all, science is like a tub of ice cream: 'cool and fun!'

'The acorn growing game at Westonbirt Arboretum taught me that not all seeds germinate.'