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KES physics teacher in international mode

KES physics teacher in international mode

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25 February 2018

Over the last few months, Mr Harrison from the Physics Department has been presenting a number of pieces of work to an international audience, many of which relate directly to the Department’s work at KES.

In February last year, he published a paper in the international peer-reviewed journal Physics Education, explaining how to make and use a demonstration of Earth wires and fuses which we use at KES in Year 10 lessons. Not only that, but the Editorial Board also chose the article to be one of their highlights of 2017, saying ‘the featured papers have been carefully selected to reflect the very best of the unique mix of content in the journal, and all represent outstanding quality and a valuable contribution to the physics teaching community. Congratulations to all the featured authors.’

In August, he was then invited to present at ESERA 2017, the international educational research conference which was held this year in Dublin. This presentation was based on his paper about the use of practical work in Physics teaching, published in 2016 which was, in turn, a shortened version of his MSc dissertation which was done using information gathered from pupils who are now in Year 13 at KES. The findings presented, which showed what sorts of positive effects practical work can have when done thoughtfully, provoked a lot of discussion in the audience when it came to the questions. It was good to have evidence for what we have believed for some time – that practical work, done well, can be a huge boost to pupils’ understanding and enjoyment of science.


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