King Edward's School BATH

Learning support

Pupils receiving enhanced support are enabled to access the full curriculum.'

isi report 2015.


At King Edward’s School we are committed to offering an inclusive education to ensure the best possible progress for all our pupils, whatever their needs or abilities.We actively promote a whole school approach to meeting additional educational needs and disabilities (SEND), in which all members of the school community have an understanding of their role. Pupils identified with specific learning needs are issued with an individual pupil profile and this is disseminated to their teachers.

Our Learning Support Coordinator, Mrs Anita Munn, keeps in regular contact with parents, our pastoral and academic staff and the pupils themselves. Working alongside Mrs Munn are two fully qualified specialist teachers, Mrs Karen Simonds and Mrs Joanna Blair.

The Learning Support Coordinator also liaises directly with the Examinations Officer, Mrs Sandra Moles, to ensure that access arrangements (e.g. extra time) are in place for public examinations as appropriate.

We aim to support pupils who, whilst able to access the school curriculum, may need extra help due to a specific learning difficulty or a lack of confidence in a particular aspect of their work. The range of specific learning needs includes: Dyslexia, Developmental Coordination Disorder (dyspraxia), Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD/ADD and Non Verbal Learning Disorder. Provision for pupils for whom English is an additional language is also available.

We identify pupils within the school who have additional educational needs through close liaison with subject departments and a process of screening.

Specialist support lessons may be recommended and these will be taught individually, focusing on the identified area of need. Such lessons are organised at the beginning of each term and are dovetailed into the demands of a pupil’s academic timetable and co-curricular activities. There will be an additional charge for this provision.

As pupils approach public examinations, additional support covering study skills – including revision and examination techniques – is offered. In addition, King Edward’s offers study support via lunchtime drop in sessions throughout the year which deliver short-term one-to-one support, at no extra charge, to any pupil in the school needing to improve their study skills.

Teaching promotes effective learning and encourages pupils, including those who receive support for SEND and those with EAL, to engage confidently with their lessons.'

isi report 2015.