King Edward's School BATH



The fifth law of Library Science, according to scholar SR Ranganathan is that the library is a growing organism. Never shy of change or development, our library hosts a range of books, electronic resources and assorted media to underpin the curriculum and promote understanding, scholarship and the pursuit of knowledge.

We refresh our fiction to adopt the latest in teen titles and have a range of magazines, newspapers and graphic novels to encourage reading for pleasure.

There are three librarians, and we work diligently to create a friendly, welcoming space with an atmosphere of enquiry and scholarship. The library is a place where pupils can meet one another among the best known scholars and authors the world has known. Pupils from all years are welcome to visit the space, which is carefully planned to maximise interest, discovery and access.

It is the library’s mission to ensure that pupils and staff are effective users and creators of information and ideas. Our outreach to pupils and staff includes personalised research help and document delivery, book talking in classrooms, collaborative teaching in the library, events like World Book Week and author visits, after school care as well as a book group for each of the sectors. It is a truly organic programme, holistic in scope and measured in detail.

The exciting news about KES Library is that we have just moved into a purpose-built space in the newly opened Wessex Building. Sensitively designed with the help of architects and a specialist team from 'Opening the Book', the new library features areas for quiet study, group work, individual reading and contemplation as well as spaces to create ideas and information and collaborate with others.

The design process included consultations with pupils and staff, with the library programme and purpose always at the centre of negotiations. Although the design went through many phases, no element of functionality has been sidelined. The new space is inspirational, easy to navigate, pleasant to experience and full of the information and ideas that make a school library such a great place to be.