King Edward's School BATH

Making a change to a will

If you already have a will and wish to make an alteration to include a legacy to the School, the process is straightforward and inexpensive. Such an addition is usually made through a supplement to your will, known as a codicil. This confirms the original will and adds to it.

Codicils need to be witnessed, signed and dated in exactly the same way as your will. The witnesses do not have to be the same as those who witnessed your will, but of course they cannot be beneficiaries under the will or codicil or the spouse of the beneficiary.


An example of a codicil is detailed below:

I ________________ (name) of ______________________________________ (address) declare this to be a (first / second or subsequent) codicil to my will dated ______________. In addition to any legacies given in my said will I give to King Edward’s School, North Road, Bath, BA2 6HU (charity reference number: 1115875) the sum of £_______________________ [figures and words] / specific item_______________________ / ______% share of my estate to be used for general purposes and I declare that the receipt of a proper Officer of the School shall be sufficient discharge to my Executors.


Within the codicil you may of course stipulate any restrictions on how you wish your legacy to be used.

It is always sensible to consult your solicitor, who will advise whether it is more appropriate to rewrite your will rather than add to it.