King Edward's School BATH

Middle School

The Middle School years are a time of transition and discovery. We want our pupils to grow in confidence and to enjoy this time of their life. Our focus is on developing articulate, well rounded and interesting young men and women.

The tutor celebrates achievement with the form, supports pupils through the occasional difficult moments, sets targets to aspire to and helps to sort out problems from lost property to more serious teenage challenges, such as friendship and personal issues. The tutor, who remains with the form group for the three years of Middle School, is the first point of contact for parents in all matters concerning their children. The tutors work closely with the year heads and head of sector who have the overview of the Middle School. The year heads set the tone for their year groups both in terms of behaviour and also in academic matters.

The Middle School aims to foster independence in pupils as well as mutual support. We value a healthy balance of academic achievement and all that King Edward’s has to offer outside the classroom. A flourishing Middle School pupil is confident and ambitious, yet modest and reflective.

Staff are deeply committed to the pupils' personal development and are confident in dealing with pastoral issues.'

isi report 2015.