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Modern Foreign Languages

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Modern Languages are an increasingly important tool in the global 21st century. Competition for jobs often means that applicants with additional skills are advantaged, as many employers regard languages as a vital extra string to one’s bow. Linguists are considered as possessing all-round capabilities, have confidence in communicating and have well-trained, logical minds. If someone has spent time abroad, they have a wider cultural awareness, can show proof of enquiring minds and a willingness to take on a challenge. Hence excellent opportunities exist for competent linguists, both those who have specialised in the study of languages to a high level and those who can combine them with other subjects.

All the modern languages are taught in a similar way at King Edward’s, using lively and interesting text books supported by workbooks. We aim to combine a thorough approach to vocabulary and grammar knowledge with as many opportunities as possible to practise communication. All language teaching rooms have listening equipment and interactive SMART Boards to ensure as much exposure to authentic language as possible. Pupils are thus able to develop a good accent and strong listening skills as well as the confidence to produce their own language both spoken and written and an understanding of how to develop more complex sentence structure. In addition, we make frequent use of our language laboratories to further enhance independent study and subscribe to on-line language sites for reinforcement.

Generally small set sizes for the older year groups enable much individual tailoring of our teaching to the particular needs of pupils, and support and extension sessions are offered. In all languages we have the service of dedicated foreign language assistants and our exchange programmes ensure that every pupil is given the opportunity to develop their language skills in the most effective way.

We aim to offer a course that is both rigorous and enjoyable and which opens the eyes of every pupil to the rich diversity of European and indeed global culture.