King Edward's School BATH


We believe in promoting independent musicians capable of performing with poise, passion, connection and skill. Renowned for both its breadth of opportunity as well as its ambition to extend the most able musicians, co-curricular Music at King Edward’s has something for all musicians.

With exciting partnerships formed with both Bath Abbey’s highly-regarded vocal heritage as well as the dynamic instrumental performing of Bath Philharmonia Orchestra, our pupils are extended not only by music making with peers of similar ability in exciting performances, but also by learning from professional artists at the top of their profession in workshops and concerts.

Very much a part of the city of Bath, KES musicians undertake regular concert opportunities in impressive venues such as the inspiring Ball Room in the Assembly Rooms, the enchanting Banqueting Room in the Guildhall, in glorious Bath Abbey around three or four times a year and even the peaceful and intimate surroundings of the Holburne Museum, to name but a few.

Last year our KES Sixteen undertook the School's first UK Choir Tour performing choral evensong in Gloucester and Southwark Cathedrals as well as on home territory in Bath Abbey. We are aiming to launch our first International Music Tour within the next year.

Performing to the Bath Community is important to us and several of our choirs sing regularly at, for example, old people’s homes. There are also performances each year outside the Bath Abbey to raise money for charity by KES Brass.

Rehearsals take place during the long lunch break, usually between 12.35-13.20pm, as well as after school between 4-5.30pm. Some of our ensembles rehearse before school between 8.15-9.00am.

All our music staff reflect the KES pupils’ all-rounder ethos, with active roles within the school outside the department in sports such as tennis, netball and football, as well as the CCF.

The Music Department works very closely with other departments to ensure excellent coordination with other co-curricular activities. Many pupils achieve balance in their co-curricular timetables by adopting a week-on week-off rotational basis with other activities. This is achieved with the understanding that active personal preparation of ensemble parts allows rapid progress in the rehearsals that are attended.

We believe in providing ensembles to enable musicians of every level develop. Through the school, there are:

  • String Quartets (Senior)
  • 3 Orchestras over a range of abilities (Junior, INTER-KES (Senior) and Senior Orchestra)
  • 5 Choirs (Lower School, Lower School Chamber Choir, KES Senior Choir, the auditioned KES Sixteen and MEN, a male vocal group)
  • 2 String Chamber Orchestras (Junior and Senior)
  • 2 Brass Bands (Junior and Senior)
  • 2 Wind Bands (Junior and Senior)
  • 2 Steel Pan Bands (Junior and Senior)
  • 1 KES Soul - Funk Band (Senior)
  • 2 Flute Ensembles (Intermediate and Senior)
  • 2 Clarinet Ensembles (Intermediate and Senior)
  • 1 Saxophone Ensemble (Senior)
  • 1 Percussion Ensemble (Senior)
  • 1 Parent Singing Group
  • 1 Parent, Staff and Friends of KES Choir