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The Music Department’s aims are to develop confident, polished and above all, independent musicians capable of interacting with almost any style of music both on a practical and a theoretical basis. We believe in encouraging every pupil to develop their musical creativity whilst also stretching their skills so that every pupil reaches his or her musical potential.

Our vibrant music classrooms and corridor set the tone of our core belief that music is important, relevant, fun and engaging for all KES pupils and is a vital ingredient in the cultural ethos of both the School and the wider world.

Emphasis is placed on practical music making at all levels. Interacting and connecting with music is the first important step to being able to analyse and manipulate its essential features.

Singing and playing a range of classroom pitched and un-pitched instruments are key ingredients to music lessons at KES. Activities ranging from whole class string instrument tuition to performing on instruments from around the world, helps develop a deep passion and intellectual curiosity about music of diverse styles.

World Music plays an important part in helping pupils relate to their multi-cultural surroundings. With topics such as performing on Caribbean Steel Pans or Indonesian Gamelan, to exploring driving rhythms of African Drumming and Samba music, there is much to engage young and inquisitive minds.

Every pupil is guided practically in how to identify musical features, using correct terminology and evaluating pieces in order to create accurate assessments and recommendations for further development.

The Music Department has benefited from some first-rate investment over the past few years, both in classroom instruments and also in the suites of Apple Macintosh computers linked to powerful Logic and Sibelius music software.  We have enough computers in both of our Senior School classrooms to allow pupils to work in pairs or individually from Year 8 upwards, and these are very powerful tools which enable pupils to compose and to record their ideas.

With our team of three highly motivated, enthusiastic and professional academic music teachers delivering a curriculum that progresses through to A Level, our pupils benefit hugely from their individual music specialisms which range from the artistry of composition, to a deep knowledge of musicology and the passion of solo performance.

We are very proud to have our very own resident composer, Mark Boden, who is able to help pupils realise the sounds created by their deepest inspiration. Mr Boden, who also lectures at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, writes three major works a year for the school in a wide variety of styles from small chamber and vocal groups to large choral and orchestral ensembles – often combined!

Our GCSE and A-Level musicians are predominantly awarded A and A* grades for their inspired performance, compositional and analytical skills. Recent KES AS and A Level compositions have been performed to public audiences by our own instrumental and vocal musicians to great acclaim.

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