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King Edward's School BATH

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    1st XV 1942-1943

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      The School's Founder's Day Service is being
      held at 11am on 12 July 2017 and OEs are
      warmly invited. If you would like to attend please contact:

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      In February the School attended the Bath Life Awards 2017, and won the Education category. In their summation, the judges highlighted the School's excellent academic record, outstanding co-curricular programme, extensive bursary provision and charitable giving.  


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      U16 Netball team and staff 

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        Do get in touch with your news for the next OElink magazine - we would love to hear about your challenges or adventures, career or degree news, as well as marriages and family news. Please email us by 26 May 2017 and we'll include as many as we can!

        Looking ahead, we are delighted to confirm that we are currently planning an OE Rugby Reunion on 8-9 December. Please hold the date and we will be publishing full details next term.

        As always, please don't forget to let us know if you move house or change your email address - we have an update form here or you can email us at:

        Finally, our very best wishes for a Happy Easter.

        Claire Davies                                    Karen Teague
        Development Officer                        Development Director