King Edward's School BATH


We have bold and ambitious aims with our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) Programme. Taught school-wide by tutors every other Tuesday straight after whole school assembly, the sessions revolve around topics of current interest and allow pupils the opportunity to investigate, discuss and digest just what’s happening at KES and in today’s multi-faceted world.

Sessions aspire to investigate and strengthen pupils’ own feelings of well-being and self-worth and motivate them to discover and create informed opinions about this often busy, confusing and complex society.

We do this by incorporating mindfulness sessions across the years and promoting well-being and emotional resilience through practical sessions and discussions. In tutor groups we have investigated topics such as prejudice, consumerism, conflict, online behaviour, gaming, healthy lifestyles and personal finance and regularly update pupils on the latest educational information about drugs and sexual health with visits from outside speakers. These topics can be followed up in subsequent tutor time sessions with individualised information and support available through our pastoral team.

Collaborating with Careers, we offer help to pupils in aligning their personal strengths and interests with school subject choices and career pathways. We also bring topics of interest to parents in our popular ‘Living with teenagers’ parents' evenings that feature well-known speakers and the opportunity to share ideas with other parents.