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Pre-Prep Art Week raises awareness of environmental issues

Pre-Prep Art Week raises awareness of environmental issues

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26 March 2019

It’s never too young to introduce children to the importance of looking after the environment. Indeed, it is a core aspect of life at King Edward’s Pre-Prep. The School has both the Healthy Schools Award and Eco Schools Award for its commitment to nurturing socially and environmentally-responsible children.

The youngsters know the dangers of being wasteful and the importance of using environmentally-friendly alternatives to many common items. Consequently, all recyclable and non-recyclable items are now used for more imaginative purposes.

This month’s Art Week was a celebration of a continuous programme exploring the local area. Projects have included Year 1 taking a River Avon cruise to look for pollution and life and Year 2 have had numerous walks around the local area to learn more about the topography and history of Weston village.

The theme for the week widened the children’s awareness of environmental issues to a global scale with its focus on the impact of pollution on marine life. Our oldest children carried out a detailed study of the work of the oceanographer, Sylvia Earle and learnt how to weave 3D fish using recycled paper and fabric. While, the younger children made shadow fish puppets; painted a huge whale with harmful plastic products in its stomach and created a whole host of marine animals using copious amounts of useless plastic packaging, old cardboard and strips of fabric.  

 The week’s work is currently on display in a stunning and evocative exhibition in the Art Room.


  • Many thanks to Mrs Bright (Nursery) for co-ordinating Art Week and the exhibition.
  • With thanks to Mr Boydell (Year 1 teacher) for writing this article.

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