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Pre-Prep enjoys a visit from Falconry UK

Pre-Prep enjoys a visit from Falconry UK

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11 January 2018

Yesterday’s visit to the Pre-Prep by Falconry UK ensured a ‘Stunning Start’ to Reception and Year 1’s respective topics of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ and ‘Knights and Castles’, as the children got to see at close hand a range of birds of prey and more unusual species, including a White Faced Scops Owl and Blue Winged Kookaburra.

The visit was arranged to coincide with new classroom topics.  Year 1 are spending the term exploring the world of Medieval Knights and Castles, which includes learning about the Battle of Hastings, finding out about castles of the period, which will involve a trip to Cardiff Castle, and delving deeper into the worlds of people living in castles, including Kings and Queens, Knights, Squires and Pages.  The chance to find out more about birds of prey enabled the children to reflect on how falconry was a popular sport during Medieval times.

Reception children were fascinated to learn more about the different birds on show, as part of their All Creatures Great and Small topic, where cross curriculum work will see them use non-fiction sources to find out more about owls, sketching owls in Art, reading and learning the story, Owl Babies, before writing their own version of this much-loved story, and in Maths, use nesting materials to estimate quantities before making pictograms using simple data handling.

During yesterday’s visit the children were introduced to a range of birds and learnt more about their habitats, adaptations, environment and evolution, before each coming forward to hold one of the birds on show.


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