King Edward's School BATH


Building on Foundation Stage learning, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is taught discretely and throughout the school day in various activities in and out of the classroom, with circle time forming an important part of PSHE teaching.

Pupils learn about themselves as developing individuals and as members of their community. They learn the basic rules and skills for keeping themselves healthy and safe and for behaving well. Children are encouraged to show that they can take some responsibility for themselves and their environment, as well as others.

During Year 1 and 2 pupils also begin to learn about their own and other people’s feelings, with social skills explored, such as how to share, take turns, play, help others resolve simple arguments and resist bullying. At this stage children also begin to become more practically involved in the life of the school and its local community. Children play an active part in the school council, either as a member or simply by putting their views forward to the class representative.