King Edward's School BATH


The children continue to develop an awareness of the past. They learn where the people and key historical events they study fit within a chronological framework and identify similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods.

We focus on local, national and international figures and use a wide vocabulary of everyday historical terms. The children ask and answer questions, choosing and using parts of stories and other sources to show that they know and understand key features of events. They understand some of the ways in which we find out about the past and identify different ways in which it is represented.

To support their learning, topics include Knights and Castles, with a trip to Cardiff Castle to help bring their classroom learning to life, the Victorian era, and considering the role and impact of historical figures such as Amy Johnson and Neil Armstrong.

History topics frequently link to other elements of the curriculum, for instance Year 2’s topic on Space Exploration included understanding the importance of the first lunar landing, while Year 1’s trip to Cardiff Castle inspired the stunning model on show in reception, made with the help of local potter, Nick Inns.

To aid the children's understanding of historical events a new sixteen metre history timeline was recently installed in the School's playround, featuring key historical moments through time.

In recognition of the excellence of History teaching within the School, King Edward’s Pre-Prep was recently awarded a Gold Standard Quality Mark by the Historical Association.