King Edward's School BATH


We promote the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and exercise with all the children, encouraging them to develop positive habits that we hope will last a lifetime.

Regular calendar events such as the ‘Big Healthy Week’ support this and recently led to the School being awarded a Director of Public Health Award for healthy initiatives.

wake & shake

Physical activity is very important to us. Our day begins with the popular 5–10 minute ‘Wake & Shake!’ session on the playground. It engages all the children (and parents who stay to take part) in a lively and enjoyable way as they learn easy dance routines set to pop music.


We believe young children need regular, physical activity – active play – to develop and grow properly. Healthy, physically active children are also more likely to be academically motivated, alert and successful. We do everything we can to promote active play; the children go outside regularly in order to play or continue lessons and take part in a range of activities and games.


'By talking about a balanced diet, growing and preparing healthy food in cookery sessions and by making physical exercise a prime part of our curriculum we are helping the children to develop habits that we hope will last a lifetime.'

Jayne gilbert, Head, King Edward's Pre-Prep School