King Edward's School BATH

Pupil voice

King Edward’s School is a listening school. We take our pupils’ views seriously and provide opportunities at every level for them to be involved in decision making about their lives. Pupil Forums are elected from tutor groups to collect ideas and views and to relay and discuss openly once every half term with each head of sector. There are usually one or two representatives from each tutor group who canvass the views of their peers and bring the issues of the day to the table.

The aim of the groups is to canvas views, bring them to the forum setting, discuss them as a group and wherever possible suggest and help to implement changes for the benefit of the pupils. Pupil forums have influenced recent uniform changes, conducted a food survey, reviewed extra-curricular activities, requested and established the very successful tuck shop, canvassed opinion on the style of the new bus shelter, and had input into recycling and environmental projects. Pupils have been involved at every stage of planning for the new building and will play a key role when new menus and lunches are being planned.

Each Sector Forum elects representatives to serve on the School Council. These pupils play a key role in relaying any discussion points from the Forum meetings to the whole School Council. They are also involved in passing back any relevant information to Forum representatives about whole school issues and developments.

There are also numerous informal opportunities for pupils’ voices to be heard. One of the great strengths of our School is the relationships between the pupils and their teachers, and so pupil input is frequent and respected. Older pupils work as prefects with younger form groups; Senior Prefects meet with the Deputy Head for breakfast on a weekly basis, and engagement is encouraged at all levels of the School.

Pupils' social development is evident in their strong contribution to the life of the school'

isi report 2015.