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Religious Studies & Philosophy

The Religious Studies and Philosophy Department at King Edward's aims to provide high quality education for all our pupils. The curriculum is planned so that pupils engage with the basic key principles and tenets of each religion in a reflective and evaluative way. During this process they learn ‘from religion’ as well as ‘about religion’. 

All personal faith positions are respected and a tolerant attitude towards those of different faith positions or none is a precondition of study. The Department fosters an ethos that is in line with the spirit of mainstream Christianity and the best aspects of all the major world religions.

In addition to this, pupils at all levels are introduced to core philosophical principles and arguments, particularly those relating to religion.  This again is handled in an evaluative and analytical way, pupils being encouraged to scrutinize arguments and formulate fresh principle and ideas where possible.

In addition to the classroom-based activities outlined above, pupils are offered a wide variety of enrichment activities.  These include field trip and conference activities, as well as a departmental debating society, Socrates Club.

Recent trips and conferences have included:

  • Shri Swarminaryan Mandir, London
  • Chithurst Buddhist Monastery, Sussex
  • Dr. Peter Vardy lectures, Exeter
  • Prof. David Catchpole New Testament lectures at Sarum College, Salisbury
  • Cambridge Union Ethics Conference with Dr. Rowan Williams
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