King Edward's School BATH

Scholarships & Awards

Academic Scholarships and Special Talent Awards are available to pupils entering Year 7.

There is no separate scholarship examination; scholarships may be awarded to pupils who excel in the entrance exams in January.

Special Talent Awards may be offered to children who demonstrate outstanding talent in Art, Drama, Music or Sport.  If you wish to apply for one of the Awards for your child, please read the criteria for each discipline and then complete the Special Talent Application Form (below) and return it to the Admissions office no later than 2 December 2019.  Parents will also need to send one or more written endorsements from their current head teacher, tutor or coach confirming their child’s abilities and standards, again by 2 December 2019.  Unfortunately, we cannot consider applications received after this date.  Pupils applying for a Special Talent Award will then be invited for interview and assessment.

Academic Scholarships and Special Talent Awards are fixed sums, payable each year up to the end of GCSEs.  A pupil may hold both an Academic Scholarship and a Special Talent Award and may also apply for bursary support.

A limited number of Discretionary Headmaster’s Awards are also available for entry into the Sixth Form.  Although these are aimed primarily at new entrants to the Sixth Form, they may also be awarded for entry into other year groups.

For further information please contact admissions by email or tel: 01225 820399.