King Edward's School BATH

School aims

  • To provide a distinctive and stimulating environment for talented children from a variety of backgrounds, in which each individual is encouraged to strive for excellence and to acquire a lifelong passion for knowledge, discovery and adventure
  • To enable each pupil to fulfil his or her own personal, academic, sporting, creative and cultural potential
  • To cultivate in each pupil alongside intellectual development a strong sense of the moral and spiritual, the difference between right and wrong and an awareness of their rights and responsibilities
  • To promote and develop in each pupil the qualities of honesty, integrity, duty, loyalty, courtesy, tolerance and compassion
  • To offer a strong, caring and supportive pastoral framework, working closely with parents to ensure that pupils are safe and happy and that all members of the school community feel respected and valued
  • To create an environment in which all members of the school community enjoy equality of opportunity
  • To provide opportunities both for leadership and teamwork, thereby nurturing pupils as confident, articulate, self-disciplined and socially responsible citizens and independent thinkers who respect the dignity of others
  • To prepare pupils fully for the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world in the 21st century and to lay the foundations for KES pupils to lead honourable, worthwhile and fulfilled lives in the wider community
  • To foster a sense of community across the Pre-Prep, Junior and Senior sections of the School