King Edward's School BATH

School trips

We offer an extensive range of trips throughout the year to enhance school work. Some examples include:

Whole school
  • Harvest Festival at St Michael’s Church
  • Easter Celebration at St Michael’s Church
Year 3
  • Roman Baths
  • Westonbirt Arboretum
  • St Michael’s Church
Year 4
  • Geography Field Trip to Newton Mill
  • Victoria Art Gallery
  • Buddhist Centre in Bristol
  • Battle of Lansdown site
  • Medieval Bath Walk
  • Architecture Walk
  • St Mary’s Churchyard
  • No.1, Royal Crescent
  • National Gallery in London
Year 5
  • Explore@Bristol
  • Hindu Temple
Year 6
  • Bathampton Walk
  • 3-Day Sports Tour in Somerset
  • Easter Experience at Bath Abbey
  • Lifeskills Centre in Bristol
  • Cotswold Wildlife Park
  • Local Primary Schools to read story books

'On our architecture walk we observed fake double doors on Bathwick Hill and studied the architecture of the Holburne Museum – learning the difference between the various columns.'