King Edward's School BATH

Sixth Form

The Sixth Form is about self-discovery, growing independence and learning to lead within the school community. Most Year 11 pupils continue into Year 12 and are joined at this stage by approximately 30 pupils from other schools.

They are placed into one of 15 small tutor groups, which comprise a mixture of Year 12 and Year 13 pupils; real integration and a mature sense of purpose is our aim.

Tutors at this stage of the school remain the first port of call for their charges and their families, providing support from the start of the Sixth Form through to receiving A Level results and moving on to university. The tutors play a key role in the process of applying to university, giving advice and preparing UCAS references. At this stage of the school we aim to foster an adult working relationship between pupils and their teachers, with our young people increasingly taking responsibility for their studies and activities.

As elsewhere in the school, tutors give guidance, support and encouragement, and of course continue to work closely with parents in order to maintain the best possible partnership between home and school at this important stage of the teenage years as life beyond King Edward’s beckons.

By the time pupils reach sixth form they have become mature, kind, friendly, loyal and socially responsible young people.'

isi report 2015.