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The Spanish department aims to make pupils proficient in the use of Spanish. This involves not only linguistic competence but a thorough understanding of Spanish culture. Spanish is one of the world's major languages, with over 400 million speakers globally. We pride ourselves on the excellent progress that pupils make, right from the beginning of study in Year 7.

The department believes in the importance of bringing a language to life by spending time in a country in which it is spoken.  In Year 8, pupils have the opportunity to spend a week in Barcelona as part of the School’s Activities Week. In Years 9 to 13, pupils take part in our long established Pamplona Exchange, which serves to boost the pupils’ cultural awareness of Spain as well as their oral confidence.

Our well-resourced audio-visual and computer laboratories provide intensive practice in the key skills of listening and speaking, while weekly lessons with the Spanish native speaker assistant contribute to the achievement of excellent levels of oral competence.

In addition to the Spanish curriculum, our pupils are encouraged to take part in competitions and many cultural activities. They attend an annual Spanish play performed in school by a Spanish theatre company.  In Year 12, pupils take part in a cooking workshop, where they learn to make a typical Spanish dish. Pupils also subscribe to a Spanish (as a second language) magazine, which encourages them to undertake independent reading and broaden their knowledge at their own pace. The department stocks an easy reader section with graded abridged versions of classic Spanish and Latin American works and Spanish translations of popular authors.

A measure of the success of language learning is the encouraging number of pupils who go on to read Spanish at university.

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