King Edward's School BATH

Technical Theatre Club

Many people do not realise that there is a career in technical theatre. In fact there are a wide range of jobs behind the scenes in theatre. In Tech Club we try to learn as much as possible about these career paths, and then in school productions, we put these roles into practise.

We learn about the design process in lighting, sound, set and costume, as well as being able to explore the skills required to become a professional member of the stage management team. Pupils involved in shows can take up assistant stage management or operational roles, which is a realistic starting point in theatre. These roles help enhance key skills such as time management, teamwork, organisation, knowledge of health and safety and problem solving.

We learn about lighting and sound design and their operation, with many pupils then taking on associated roles during school events throughout the year to support our Upper and Lower School main productions, as well as Open Day events, Duologue competitions and even the Year 7 disco!

Many of the skills learnt in tech club transfer to other clubs. For example, many of our members also join the CCF in Year 9, where working together and problem solving are crucial key skills.  Pupils have also used tech club as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award, or as part of their UCAS application form.