King Edward's School BATH

The school day

The School operates a two-week timetable, Monday to Friday, with normal school hours from 8.40am to 4.00pm daily. Pupils should arrive at school in good time to be able to attend registration promptly (8.40am). We run a breakfast club from 8.00 - 8.30am every morning.

The Main Teaching Block is open to pupils from 8.30am. Sixth Formers may go to the Holbeche Centre, which is open from 8.00am. The Information Technology Centre is open to pupils from 8.00am. Play areas are not formally supervised before school and pupils should not play games there at this time. Staff are always available in Nethersole and the Stewart Building before the start of school in case of accident or emergency.

The school day ends formally at 4.30pm, thirty minutes after the end of lessons in the Senior School. Any pupil who, for whatever reason, remains on the school site after this time should either be engaged in an official after-school activity or should go to the Library, which is supervised until 6.00pm. Pupils must not be involved in any unsupervised play on the school site after school. Pupils will sometimes be required to stay on after school for team practices, rehearsals etc.

We greatly encourage a pupil’s total involvement in the life of the School. If selected for a school team, a pupil is expected to play as a matter of loyalty to the School. Matches are normally on Saturdays, but also occasionally after school midweek.