King Edward's School BATH

Transition from Nursery to Reception

Starting school for the first time is a very important milestone for children and their parents.  At King Edward's we know how special this time is.  Most of our Nursery children move into Reception classes in September following their fourth birthday.  We ensure the transition from Nursery to Reception is a smooth and positive experience for all the children.  

To help facilitate this, Nursery children enjoy regularly visiting the Reception classroom for an informal story based assembly where they can spend time with the Reception teachers and teaching assistants. The Reception team visit the Nursery to begin to build relationships and play with the Nursery children during afternoons when their own classes are involved in specialist lessons. Lunch at the Pre-Prep is a social occasion and a lovely opportunity for Reception staff to regularly chat with the Nursery children as they enjoy their meal.

An Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) for each child is started when they join Nursery, and continues ‘seamlessly’ through the Reception year. The ILD is used by staff to share with parents their child’s learning journey through the early years using photos, videos and text. Parents are also able to add their own photos and comments to the web-based diary.

Towards the end of the Summer Term teachers visit individual children in their Nursery setting to get to know them and to speak to their key person. This helps our teachers to gain a fuller understanding of each individual child.  If this is not possible, for example, if a child is new to the area, a home visit is arranged.

In addition, children joining Reception are invited to spend the afternoon with their teacher in their new classroom during our ‘Moving Up’ day (Induction Afternoon). Children who are joining Reception from other Nursery settings are invited too. Parents are welcome to stay on site during this afternoon and it is a great opportunity for parents to meet other families and set up summer holiday play dates!


Great attention is paid to preparing children for the next step in their education by giving them a love of learning and the confidence to try new experiences.'

ISI Report 2015