King Edward's School BATH

Trips, tours & expeditions

Residential and day trips enrich learning through discovery and play an important part in providing opportunities for developing independence and self-reliance.  Here at King Edward's there are numerous opportunities to take part in subject-based visits and exchanges, co-curricular trips, conferences and tours.

International trips feature strongly in the Senior School, with recent examples including Art and Photography trips to Venice, sporting tours to South Africa and Berlin, cultural visits to Paris and Barcelona, Geography trips to Iceland, Classics trips to Greece and Italy, skiing trips to France and modern foreign languages exchange opportunities in France, Germany and Spain.

The development of exciting and contrasting international links with schools in Kenya and China support our aim to develop a broader cultural understanding and equip our pupils for the increasingly global society in which they will live and work.

Numerous opportunities are provided at home and abroad to fulfill the school's aim for the pupils to acquire a passion for discovery and adventure.'

isi report 2015.