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What's happening in Nursery this week?

What's happening in Nursery this week?

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19 January 2018

This week Nursery were introduced to their new topic, through the books Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Picnic by John Prater.  These stories include a range of characters from different traditional tales.  From this, the children will choose the stories they would like to look at over the next few weeks.

This week's story was Goldilocks and The Three Bears and after hearing different versions of the story the children set about exploring the tale through their play.  Making 'porridge' in the outdoor mud kitchen proved very popular, as was measuring oats with different sized containers.  Some of the children decided to construct a new home for the bears and others took turns acting out the story.

No two days are alike in Nursery. Full of magical discovery and excitement, our children play, make friends and explore the world together.  


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