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Year 2 Explore the court gardens in holt

Year 2 Explore the court gardens in holt

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18 May 2018

Earlier this week, Year 2 had a lovely time visiting the Courts Garden in Holt. At school they have been reading the story of The Secret Garden and upon arriving at the Courts Garden, were delighted to find lots of secret pathways and different areas to explore.

The children took part in 4 different activities throughout the day;

  • Identifying plants and counting bees to find out which plants they like best. The children will then use this knowledge to choose plants for the Pre-Prep garden
  • Collecting natural colours by rubbing petals and leaves onto paper
  • Using a compass to create a sound map, identifying sounds and which direction they were coming from
  • Following a detective trail to find objects in photographs. They then used stickers to mark where each object was on a map of the gardens.

The weather was lovely and a super time was had by all!


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