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Welcome to King Edward's School

King Edward’s School is one of the leading academic independent day Schools in the UK for girls and boys aged 3 to 18 years. The recent Independent Schools Inspectorate report judged King Edward’s School to be ‘outstanding’, with one of the best reports in the country.


As one of Bath’s finest independent private schools, King Edward’s provides a distinctive and stimulating environment for children from a variety of backgrounds, in which each individual is encouraged to strive for excellence and to acquire a lifelong passion for knowledge, discovery and adventure. There is a broad and dynamic curriculum and a host of extra-curricular activities to interest and enrich the lives of all pupils. This is underpinned by ‘outstanding’ pastoral care.


Pupils achieve outstanding success in many areas. The strength of music in the School is reflected in the excellent levels of public performances, the considerable success in examinations and the regularity with which pupils gather honours at regional music festivals. The School has an outstanding dramatic tradition, with two or more major productions a year, an Art Department which is a centre of excellence and a great tradition of sporting success, with many pupils representing their sport at both regional and national levels.


The facilities are excellent; with a state-of-the-art academic centre for Science, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages and IT, a stylish Sixth Form learning and social centre, a modern Sports Hall, all weather pitches, fitness suite and 16 acres of playing fields, in a beautiful location at Bathampton.


The quality and dedication of our staff, the individual guidance given and the exceptional range of extra-curricular activities makes King Edward’s an exciting and enjoyable place in which to learn and one of the finest private schools in Somerset.


We encourage pupils to contribute fully to school life and to make the most of the opportunities available here. There are excellent relationships and a real sense of partnership in learning between staff and students.

King Edward’s is committed to ensuring that all children with academic potential have the opportunity to become part of the School. Bursaries and scholarships are available for entry into the Senior School, alongside special talent awards in Art, Drama, Music and Sport.


What gives the School such a unique quality is the passion, commitment and expertise of its teaching staff, working hand in hand with friendly, engaging and highly motivated pupils, who are determined to achieve their goals and pursue their interests at the highest level.

I look forward to welcoming you to King Edward’s and to showing you what makes our School such a special place


Mr Martin Boden


Academic results and Leavers' Destinations

These are fantastic results at GCSE and A Level and we congratulate the pupils on their achievements. We wish all those going on to university every success. As good as these figures are, numbers do no convey the sense of achievement that our pupils feel when they match or exceed the high expectations we all share for them. Well done, every one!

Tim Burroughs
Deputy Head - Academic


For a downloadable pdf copy of our Academic results and leavers' destinations please see below.

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Record breaking GCSE results

Pupils at King Edward’s are today celebrating the School’s best ever GCSE results. With 81.2% of grades at A* or A, including over half at the coveted top grade, these outstanding achievements better even last year’s record breaking performance and are due reward for some very hard work from a talented year group.

Well over half of the pupils gained 5 A*s or more, with almost a third achieving 8 A*s or better. 43% of the cohort achieved only A* or A grades in their results. The best individual performance was a stunning 12 A*s.

Performances across the traditional ‘core’ subjects were outstanding, with an impressive 88% of the combined entries for English, Maths and the Sciences being graded A* or A. Another remarkable achievement saw all 13 GCSE Drama pupils gain A* grades, yet more evidence that creative spirit and academic rigour comfortably go hand in hand here at KES.

Congratulations go to all the pupils and staff for these wonderful results. We look forward to seeing this year group continuing to flourish on all fronts in the Sixth Form.






King Edward's School celebrate another year of outstanding A-Level results

Pupils at King Edward’s have today been celebrating another year of superb achievement at A Level, with 86% of all entries graded A*-B. 61.5% of grades were A* or A, with the very highest award accounting for 25% of the exams taken.

Over a third of pupils achieved only A* or A grades, with the highest individual return being a very impressive 5 A*s achieved by two pupils. Three quarters of the year group gained the much talked about ‘ABB’ benchmark or better.

Not surprisingly, these excellent results will enable the vast majority of KES pupils to progress to their chosen universities and courses of further study. Headmaster, Martin Boden commented:  “As always, it was a pleasure to witness that unique mixture of joy and relief that so often follows the dreaded opening of the envelope, and, for this very engaging and likeable cohort, the success is richly deserved. Congratulations go to all the pupils who worked so hard towards their goals this year.”

As in recent years, the largest subject by entry was Maths, accounting for 17% of all exams taken. The department’s outstanding A*-B success rate of 93% proves that quantity was certainly not at the expense of quality. Remarkably, exactly half of the subject areas examined recorded an A*-B pass rate of 100%, including the quartet of Art, Drama, Music and Photography, confirming that excellence in the creative and expressive arts at KES is not limited to the extra-curricular dimension.

Not to be outdone, Year 12 pupils followed up their record-breaking performance at GCSE last year with the School’s best ever AS results. 56% of entries were awarded a notional A grade, with 78% at A or B. Like their Year 13 counterparts, these pupils have worked very hard throughout the year and have been rightly rewarded with a very strong platform as they move on to A2 study.







OElink magazine

Special anniversary edition of the OElink magazine.
Celebrating 10 years of OE news!


The Edwardian Magazine

For a downloadable copy of the latest Edwardian magazine please see below.

KESLife Newsletter Spring 2014

For a downloadable copy of the latest KESLife newsletter please see below.

King Edward's is a Green Flag Eco School

The Eco Schools programme is a scheme run by the European Union which provides a simple framework to enable schools to analyse their operations and become more sustainable.

The Environmental Action Group at King Edward’s were instrumental in the School becoming part of the Eco School initiative in 2006. The first step was to conduct an environmental review of the School, which was undertaken by Dr Forsyth from Envision. The review considered various factors including energy usage, waste management and biodiversity.

Following the review an action team was formed including members of the school community, pupils, teachers and operations staff as well as parents, governors and the local community. The Action Team analysed the results of the Environmental Review and developed an action plan which would outline initiatives for improving the environmental sustainability of the School.


Since this time there have been several positive changes;




The development of an Eco code


The implementation of a school-wide paper recycling system in which pupils, prefects and  teachers all work together to reduce wastage and promote the new recycling bins


The construction of a large compost heap for the eco-friendly disposal of our garden waste


Environmental awareness campaigns, such as ‘switch off’ notices above every light switch,   a competition to find the form with the best practical idea to make KES more eco-friendly which resulted in water saving devices being added to toilets (where appropriate) a Recycled Fashion Show and an Environment Day


Providing waste paper for note taking in class


A printer cartridge and mobile phone recycling scheme


Looking at ways of monitoring the School’s energy consumption to form the basis of effective energy saving initiatives



Replacement of plastic cups with washable china alternatives


Cardboard recycling


The introduction of a car sharing scheme


The introduction of Eco representatives from every form who form a vital communication link between pupils and the Eco School Action Team and also help generate support for initiatives at grass roots (or form) level across the Senior School.




In December 2007 King Edward’s was assessed by two inspectors from Eco Schools and was successful in gaining the Green Flag, the Eco School’s highest award, for the first time. In May 2010 KES were awarded their second Green Flag for continuing to pursue the highest environmentally sustainable standards, with Travel Plan developments receiving particular praise.

If you are a pupil or parent and would like to become involved with the KES Eco Schools initiative please contact Dr Ali Fewell by email:



Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is at the heart of School life at King Edward’s School. From the moment pupils enter our Pre-Prep to the day they leave our Sixth Form, King Edward’s School provides them with a comprehensive support system to help them progress, feel welcome and to address any issues they may face.

Pupils enjoy life at King Edward’s School where they are encouraged by all members of the teaching staff to aspire to their highest attainable personal goals. The relationships between staff and pupils are based on trust and respect. Friendships amongst the pupils are strong and often last a lifetime.

All members of the teaching staff have a responsibility for ensuring the well being of each individual. Pupils are encouraged to care for each other, with older boys and girls helping the younger members of the School either through acting as Form Prefects or helping in the classroom as part of King Edward’s School’s community service programme. Links between all three parts of the School; Pre-Prep, Junior and Senior are close and encourage pupils to feel very much at home as they progress through the School.

Global Schools Partnership – An initiative sponsored by the Department of International Development (DFID)

King Edward’s Senior School has been granted funding by the British Council and the Department for International Development to set up a partnership with Wagwer Secondary School in Kenya. King Edward’s Junior School is to partner with Wagwer Primary School.

The aim of the partnership is to develop international understanding in both Kenyan and British students. Initially British and Kenyan teachers will take part in an exchange programme and in later years there may be an opportunity for students to exchange, all funded by the British Council.

Through the partnership we hope to broaden both communities’ awareness of diversity, globalisation and interdependence. We plan to explore how decisions made by people in the UK and Kenya can affect people on the other side of the world. There will be a focus on the issues of aid, trade and debt in Africa.

Speaking about the exciting Global Schools Partnership initiative, Winifred Thomson, King Edward’s Governor, said:

“The Global Schools Partnership is a wonderful opportunity to raise young people’s awareness of global development issues and equip them with the skills and knowledge to become active global citizens. We are excited about helping our pupils gain increased understanding and knowledge of the world through joint activities between partner schools. We believe the partnership will provide a real context and topical content across a range of subjects which will enhance learning for pupils and teachers alike.”

With the partnership will come many benefits which will help to cultivate, alongside intellectual development, a strong sense of being part of a global community.

Since the partnership began a number of teachers from both King Edward’s School Senior and Junior School have visited Wagwer School and teachers from Wagwer Secondary and Primary School have visited King Edward’s. These visits have enabled the sharing of ideas and a greater appreciation of the culture of each country. Pupils from the Senior School have also visited Wagwer Secondary and Primary Schools to learn alongside the pupils and to share their knowledge by organising lessons for the younger pupils. The School has also been active in raising money towards improving the facilities at Wagwer School and providing equipment to facilitate learning.